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Uva Silent Video Camera Pro

2.98 usd

■ Please read the instructions from the installation. ■This is the charged version. full function - you can use it. There are high resolution, high sensitivity mode, and an effect setup.
Because do not have a network connection, Please use with peace of mind security.
Simple operation, take a video app. We then save the file as an image frame. It is making, such as motion jpeg.
Because it is making a special You can not play movies only with this app. (Can not copy the file to play, etc. PC.)
Please use whichever camera and the normal application. (Recording important, please use the normal camera app.)
How to use - AF in touch with the video - Zoom out the video in a pinch in a pinch - From the top button - Recording - Play - Play the latest - Switch (IN ⇔ OUT) - Set - Strobe - Work with the camera silence
When ON the recording, during playback sound is so, And the query so that it does not sound came out, Please be careful.
File Has been saved to a folder [Uva_Movie]. From the folder to get image and sound is possible.
Substantial differences in the performance of the models will appear by. It is strongly recommended dual-core models.
Start the camera when the widget There are models not started by the model.
Models tested -Xperia (OS2.1) -Regza t-01c (OS2.1) -Galaxy (OS4.0) (widget does not work) nexus
Models the problem is thank you report. Will be fixed in the range can accommodate.